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Racism is a systemic part of American society. From the first chattel laws to present-day police brutality, racism is at the very core of who America is. Systemic’s goal is to explore aspects of race and racism in America. The aim is to educate and explain the intertwining of race as a systemic part of American culture. We hope each episode enlightens and drives you to help work towards an anti-racist future.

Monuments to the Confederacy

The last confederate monument in America was completed in 1972. Not 1872, 1972. From the end of the civil war through the civil rights movement, monuments to a failed attempt to separate the country based on race were raised through America and abroad. T…

This is America

Dylan Roof, Charlottesville, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and on and on and on. After so many of these incidents, good-intentioned and well-meaning people like to say “this isn’t the America I know!” “This isn’t us!” “We’re better than this!”
Really?  …

State of Rage

In 1961 James Baldwin, when being interviewed about being Black in America, said the following, “To be negro in America and relatively conscience is to be in a state of rage, almost all of the time.” 60 years later, the sentiment still exists. Police bru…