Headshot of Dan Kimbrough

Providing a platform and voice for equity and inclusion. 

I’m Dan Kimbrough.

I’m the owner and President of Park Multimedia, a content creation and management company. When not handling projects with Park, I also serve on various boards and councils, helping build up and make a better community. Including the American Cancer Society NYPENN region, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeaster PA, and the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce.

I am also an educator who’s spent over a decade teaching media production, content creation, live sports production, media criticism, media literacy, conflict mediation, intercultural communications, and worked in diversity training and consulting.

I’m currently available for speaking, consulting, and training, as well as appearing as a podcast guest. If you’re looking to book for media and content creation, please see my company page.  

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks, Dan


To help provide a source of understanding and direction when navigating race and diversity. Also to help people and companies tell their stories with authenticity and in their own voice. 


To be a leader in authentic storytelling and helping to bring people and cultures together.