DEI and Leadership

Headlines scream the “decline” of DEI, but here’s the truth: most efforts have been performative. We’re talking black squares on social media, not dismantling systemic bias.

On this episode of Systemic, our host Dan Kimbrough talks with Farah Bala, a Leadership EDIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Oppression) expert. We unpack why surface-level DEI fails and what true inclusion looks like.

Farah Bala’s story reminds us that belonging starts with feeling welcome, regardless of background. We’ll also hear from others who navigated identity, immigration, and career changes.

Is DEI dead? No, but the performative efforts are gasping for breath. 

We explore:

  • Why superficial DEI efforts fail.
  • How to move beyond outdated practices and have uncomfortable conversations.
  • Leadership’s role in creating lasting change.

Tune in to find out what real anti-bias work looks like. 

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