Healthcare Inequity Series: Food Dignity® Movement

In this episode of Systemic, we hear from food activist Clancy Harrison and discuss the issues of food insecurity and The Food Dignity® Movement. 

Clancy shares stories from her 14 years of experience from a nutritionist to fighting hunger, and explains The Food Dignity® Movement’s approach of centering their work around other’s lived experiences. We learn about the different levels of food security and insecurity and the internal and external stigmas associated with food assistance.

Clancy also discusses some of the systemic roots of inequities in the food system and offers insights from those she’s spoken to and worked with on dismantling biases to better empower communities. 

As a food equity advocate, registered dietitian, and TEDx speaker, Clancy Harrison challenges the way food insecurity is approached and discussed. She is the founder of the Food Dignity® Movement, a strategic program for leaders who want to shift how they approach nutrition outreach by making healthy food access a priority with dignity. Currently, Clancy is an advisory board member for the Pennsylvania American Academy of Pediatrics Food Insecurity EPIC program, Ambassador of the National Dairy Council, and a past President of the Al Beech West Side Food Pantry where she has served over 4 million meals during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can tune in weekly with Clancy at The Food Dignity® Podcast.


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This episode of Systemic is sponsored by The Black Equity Coalition. The Black Equity Coalition is a group of experts from diverse fields working tirelessly to address institutional racism and structural impediments that continue to plague Black, undervalued, and underserved communities. Initially focused on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coalition has committed to working towards racial and health equity beyond the pandemic’s eventual end by engaging the disparities in the five social determinants of health for the underserved (Our necessary means of health and survival).

Through the collective efforts of physicians, researchers, epidemiologists, public health and health care practitioners, social scientists, community funders, and government officials, the Black Equity Coalition is dedicated to ensuring that vulnerable populations have access to health, well-being, and economic stability.

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