Muslim In America

When looking at American media, images and portrayals of Middle Easterners and Muslims have always had a negative and terroristic focus. Given that the media we consume plays a large part in how we interpret and understand the world around us, the images have always been problematic for how these groups are treated in America. 

In this episode of Systemic our host, Dan Kimbrough sits down with Rahimeh Ramezany. Rahimeh is a DEI practitioner with a focus on integrating Muslims and religious identity into DEI practices.  She identifies as a multiethnic Shia Muslim and has a Masters’s degree in Intercultural communications and a certificate in Advanced Global Leadership. Rahimeh consulting strives towards genuine inclusion and belonging, drawing from her education and lived experiences as a Muslim woman living in the US. 

Our conversation looks at some basic tenets of the Muslim faith, portrayals of Muslims in media, the importance of religion in DEI spaces, and thoughts on how we can move forward. 

For more information or to book Rahimeh, check out her website

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