Response to “It’s Ancient History, Get Over it”

When you see Black folks getting upset about blackface, racist comments, police brutality, and the overall unchanging disrespect of Black people in America, we’re not angry about slavery or building the country for free or the systematic abuse and torture of our ancestors. That’s just a small part of it.

We’re angrier because it’s still happening. These women, Mary Hudson-kimbroughKim PattersonJoanne Bland, and Lynda Lowery aren’t my ancestors. They’re my mother and aunts. As in still living. As in picked cotton, marched for freedom, and have social media accounts.

While you may think the atrocities of being Black in America are ancient history, it’s actually our family history. The folks we see on weekends for Sunday Dinner, or Thanksgiving, or family reunions. Its who our kids call Grandma, Grandpa, and TiTi.

We’re angry because you won’t listen and learn. You’re tired of hearing about racism, I’m tired of living it.

To solve a problem, you must first admit there is one. America is racist. Always has been. And until people are willing to admit it, listen and learn, and work for actual progress, it always will be.

And I don’t debate online, so if you want to discuss, pick up the phone or let’s go get a coffee.

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