Mandy Pennington Presenting on SEO

You’re a Wizard, Mandy!

Mandy Pennington Presenting on SEO

Last week I got a chance to catch up with the NEPA Tech folks at their latest (#17!) Meet-Up and had a blast. Even better, I got to hear the amazing Mandy Pennington share some great SEO secrets.

The group provided some lively discussion on the topics and brought up a lot of issues in their corner of the internet. While a lot of what Mandy presented were things I’d heard before, it helped to hear them through other peoples filters to gain a new perspective. It was also a good reminder that just because something is common knowledge to you, doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. While most everyone there has some tech experience, it’s not all the same experience.

I keep thinking I’ll present one day, but always get hung up on “well what could I tell a bunch of tech heads that they don’t already know?” Sometimes it’s the basics things we overlook when building businesses and need help with. For me, the notion of using the alt-tags on photos was always mundane until Mandy pointed out that screen readers use it to help the visually impaired.  Given the work I’ve done with disability studies, this should have been a no-brainer, but it took someone else’s perspective and knowledge for me realize what I hadn’t been doing.

Just goes to show why attending events and being teachable is always a good idea!


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