todays geriatric article with byline

First Magazine Article – Today’s Geriatric Medicine

todays geriatric article with bylineA few months ago I was asked to contribute to an article about media and advertising of supplements and so-called wonder drugs. I don’t fashion myself a writer, per se, but media literacy and advertising tactics are two areas I’ve taught about often, so I figured I’d give it a shot. The worst that would happen is they wouldn’t use any of what I sent in.

They used it. A lot of it.

You can read the article here, published in Today’s Geriatric Medicine. It felt a bit odd thinking of writing for a geriatric publication, but hey, the first commercial I wrote was for a bra!

It was nice to be asked to contribute to a project and it was not for just my tech knowledge; thanks, Jim! Hopefully, more opportunities like this will follow.


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