Facebook and Beast Mode

Marshawn Lynch is his own Man, lives life on his own terms, and owns his actions. This makes him someone I’ve enjoyed watching even more off the field than on. I’ve decided to not engage with the NFL this season because I personally feel there was collusion in keeping Kaepernick out of the league. I am still in two fantasy leagues, but that was more out of the back and forth I enjoy having with league members. It was a bit tough at first, I’ve followed football religiously for more than 20 years. But, I’ve found the freedom of having Sundays open and not having the pressure to be near a TV freeing. It oddly reminds me of when I finally accepted my collegiate football career was over. For the first time in 7 years, I was free at 3 pm in the afternoon. Life altering.

Facebook “Watch” has been intriguing to me for some time and wondering how it would fare against all the other ways we get video online. Facebook has a lot going in its favor. We spend a lot of time and attention on it, it’s platform makes it easier to share the video without leaving its ecosystem, and because we spend more time on Facebook’s feed, marketing a show is simpler.

How do these two completely different conversations come together? The Facebook watch show “No Script with Marshawn Lynch”. The show follows Marshawn in reality TV style but elevates the genre. Most reality TV has elements and tropes we’ve become used to. “No Script” manages to avoid this in two ways. One is that often Marshawn used the crew instead of “actors” or reality stars to interact with. These are professionals in media creation and it makes the antics he puts them through seem much more real and their reactions much more authentic.

Second in Marshawn himself. Because Marshawn will always be Marshawn, cameras or not, you get to see actual reality. His reactions, dialogue, thoughts, and actions are all uniquely Marshawn, not a trope of what a “Black, west coast athlete from Compton” should be. There is actually awe at times when he witnesses things new to him. He speaks and represents the environment he was raised in and lived in, in a way that isn’t a caricature. He has fun, unfiltered and is honest, sincere, and funny in ways we haven’t seen in a while. He’s one of the best to ever run the ball, but when watching “No Script” you almost forget that he’s an elite NFL athlete. He’s just Marshawn and is having fun being himself and you’re allowed to follow along.

I put it to a friend that “I think what I love is that I’ve never seen someone that famous that unapologetically black, in a white space”

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