Galaxy Note8 – First Week’s Thoughts

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 came out today. I don’t feel sad that I pre-ordered the Note8 before waiting to see what Apple had to offer. That’s all I’ll say about the iPhone for now.

The Note 8 is big. I have big hands and I think it’s big, that says something. While it’s the same height as my Note5, there is almost an inch more screen real estate. You can see the evolution of my past four phones (and my old international phone). The Note8 dwarfs them in screen size. This means I have to shuffle the phone at times to reach both ends of the screen.

And I love it.

The slimmer design allows for the shuffling to feel natural. The fingerprint scanner, while others wish it were elsewhere, actually is in the perfect location when I grab the phone. I still have yet to buy a case and screen protector, but for now, the size is perfect. I love the infinity screen and lack of buttons on the front, it just makes for a clean design. It feels like the smart phone design we’ve always meant to have is finally here.

The phone is fast. Almost twitchy fast. You know when you sit at someone’s computer and the mouse speed is set to “speed of light” and you can’t always keep up. It feels like that. Coming from a re-furbished Note5 after my Note4 died, this may just be because of the advancements over time, but more likely due to the 6GB of RAM. I’m currently typing on an iMac with 4GB of RAM. It’s taken some time to get used to a phone that moves as fast as you want it to. This is a good thing.

The S-pen. Need I say more? I can take notes on the phone while the screen is off like a scratch pad. It makes some of the editing I do that much easier. Annotating images and sending them to people…so many reasons I love my S-pen.

The live focus, while nice and easier to use, is similar to the selective focus on the Note5. The dual cameras make a hell of a difference though. While only 12 megapixels, there are two of them. The front facing is 8 megapixels and looks amazing. Still playing with some of the AR stuff that’s baked in, but waiting to see what comes next with AR and the Note8.

The one big let down I have is the speaker. It’s weak and poorly located. There’s only one speaker for media playback. At the bottom, to the right of the charging port. If you’re left handed, that’s probably where your pinky will sit. Sorry. When holding the phone in landscape, it’s where my index finger sits. It’s possible to completely muffle the sound and not mean to, which leads to holding it awkwardly. Playing a game is rough as it becomes hard to hear anything and hold the phone comfortably.

For now, I love the phone. I’ll figure out how to hold it and hear it, the rest of it is well worth the wait and price tag. I’ll try to remember to write more in a month after really putting it through its paces.

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    1. Drastically needed one. The headphones that came with are solid, but a good Bluetooth pair is definitely on the horizon.

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