The Week That Was #4 – June 11

I read and watch a lot each week. This exercise has helped me to think about what I’m consuming and how it plays into other areas. I find myself using my Feedly more and saving more content on Facebook to get to when I have time. These are good things. I wish Twitter had a save function or an archive like Instagram has rolled out.

But I digress –

An older article, but a good one. It looks at the difference between having an opinion and having your opinion being viewed as valid and taken seriously. There is a difference.

A deep dive by Neil deGrasse Tyson on whether or not we should be sending humans or robots into space. It poses a genuine concern about not only who/what we send into space and more importantly, are we bringing them back.

I’m a big traveler and this article about the best 24-hour restaurants in each state makes me drool. I’m going to try and hit a few this summer.

If you’re like me and you have way too many ideas swimming in your head, you’ve got a few notebooks lying around. I never leave home without my Field Notes notebook and am always scrawling notes. This is the Art Of Manliness’ 100 ways to use your pocket notebook has a bunch of ideas for you note keeping ideas.

This is straight out of every 70’s and 80’s villainous lair. Sharks and lava pit, oh my! Nature never ceases to amaze me.

The New Yorker did a great split screen of NYC today vs 80 years ago. It’s interesting to see how some things have changed but even more so, the structures that have remained as the city was built up around them.

I’m not a huge console gamer. Well, actually I am, that’s why I won’t buy one. I lost part of an August and September to Madden once… good times. Anyway, the latest trailer for the new Spider-Man game, out in 2018, really has me rethinking having one around. I’ve got a tech savvy 6-year old clamoring for one, and this game makes it even more enticing.

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