The Week That Was #2- May 28

Ok, so I missed a week. This is a bit harder than I thought!

Here are last weeks gems-

It’s the summer and I get to travel more, which means trying to find cheap flights. If you’re not using the Google flight tracker, you’re missing out. Updates when your travel dates go up and down in price so you can buy low. Also, interesting way to watch and see how flight prices change.

Stumbled across this Resume Generator from Latex that is actually pretty good. If you’re looking to spruce yours up or know a recent grad in need of help, I’d suggest this one. I’ve hired a lot of people and these templates are beyond acceptable.

xkcd…because every week should have some xkcd in it. This is a good one though if you take more photographs than you have time to edit.

The New York Times is doing a lot of cool things with 360 storytelling. 360 is a newfound passion of mine and it’s nice to see it used in a way that’s immersive and helps to tell a story, not just a gimmick.

Freecast is a new way to stream video on the go. They have specific setups for GoPro’s as well as a professional rig for bigger cameras. If you have an HDMI out you can stream, or, as the article points out for filmmakers, have a live stream to a monitor of your production. Fewer wires are always good.

The last one is a post from a good friend of mine about stepping away from social media in times of pain. Seems odd to post about it, but there are some good reflections on life and what really matters. We all need to remember that life often the most important things aren’t attached to keyboards.

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