The Week That Was #1- May 19

Going to try to share cool stuff I come across weekly. Hope you enjoy!

Went to the Applied Video Technology Digital Media Fair in Valley Forge/Philidelphia area. I found this smaller, intimate setting better than the bigger ones like NAB. Not to knock NAB, but this was easier to navigate. Found out that JVC has jumped head first into the live streaming game with two new cameras. The handheld GV HM series has two new 200 model cameras. The HW – House of Worship and SP – Sports Production cameras can each live stream directly to a browser or cloud (from JVC). The each also have built in graphics that overlay information on the feed. The Sports model has teams, time, score etc. The House of Worship has lower thirds that could be used for any speaker. They look great for one camera live streams and are extremely affordable.

My company, Park Multimedia, has gotten into doing Google Street View for businesses. I spent about a week looking for a good desktop editor (doing it on the phone is a pain) and stumbled across Panoskin. It’s a cool visual editor that makes creating tours much easier. If you’re into 360 tours, check it out.

Binging with Babish is a great YouTube cooking series that combines two things we all love – binging on television and eating.

For those into slow motion capture, Premium Beat put together their thoughts on the 6 best slow motion cameras.

This is the greatest Mash-Up of all time. Ozzy Osborne and Earth Wind and Fire is something you need to see!

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